16 celebrities championing the self-balancing scooter

Everyone from Lily Allen and Cara Delevingne to Ne-Yo and Nick Jonas have been spotted getting from place to place on self-balancing scooters. Star power has taken the new technology to the public eye, riding more well-known named boards like IO Hawk and PhunkeeDuck.

Most notable celebrities to champion the riding have been musicians and atheletes — boards make frequent appearances in Snapchat stories of Justin Bieber and Skrillex, and helped JR Smith made an unforgettable entrance at this year’s NBA Finals.

Justin Bieber

Chris Brown

Kendall Jenner

Stephen Curry

Skrillex & Diplo

Jamie Foxx & Jimmy Fallon

Draymond Green

Wiz Khalifa

Clay Matthews

JR Smith

David Ortiz

Soulja Boy

Swizz Beatz

Lance Stephenson

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