NYC sidewalks become even more New York thanks to self balancing scooters

New York City’s sidewalks and crossing paths are known to be unlike those of any other city. New Yorkers are generally considered to be quick and aggressive in walking to where they would like be getting to. So when you hear a New Yorker say “I’m realizing how slow walking is,” you know something is changing.

Those words belong to David Jackson, NYC resident who spoke to the NYPost two days after purchasing his first self balancing scooter. Finding the segway to be too “dorky looking,” Jackson picked up his $700 “Mobi Max” scooter while at Burning Man festival.

Beyond Jackson’s instant willingness to abandon walking by foot for his scooter that can reach up to 10mph, and sprained wrist on day one of learning its ropes, the NYPost takes a look into what’s changing New Yorkers’ transportation.

“If you showed this to somebody 40 years ago, it would [have blown] their mind. If you showed it to someone 200 years ago, you’d be burned at the stake.”

Right in the Big Apple’s backyard — Floral Park, Long Island — “PhunkeeDuck” is one of the more prolific self balancing scooter retailers and the self-proclaimed “next step in the evolution of transportation.”

“PhunkeeDuck” are some of the pricer SmartS1 scooters on the market, currently listed at $1,499. That’s the price to pay if you want to ride around your living room like Kendall Jenner or roll out of your locker room like J.R. Smith — both whose Instagram posts, tagged with a promo code, resulted in spikes in followers and sales for the startup.

via: NYPost

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