‘They’re completely different products’: IO HAWK President John Soibatian not concerned about infringing on Hovertrax patent

“It would be like apples and oranges,” says IO HAWK President John Soibatian when speaking to CNN iReport about the comparison between his product and that of Hovertrax.

Hovertrax has recently emerged — with recent news of Mark Cuban partnering up with patent owner Shane Chen — as the self-proclaimed “only one legal version,” on which Cuban says “every other board is a knockoff.”

Last week, Cuban told Hoverguru that they’ve “already sued IO HAWK and will be protecting [their] IP globally at the reseller and manufacturing level.”

When asked about the case, Soibatian said he couldn’t go into many details, but assured “the Hovertrax product is not an IO HAWK, it’s not even close,” and cited differences in “operation, functionality in every way shape or form.” The IO HAWK president went on to make an indoor vs. outdoor defense.

“The Hovertrax, from what we’ve seen, is made more for indoor use… The IO HAWK is made to actually go out and take out to the street, to the side walk…”

Soibatian says Hovertrax specifies the product’s use being for indoors as specified on its box and in its instruction manuals. His company, encourages use of their self-balancing scooter, the IO HAWK, outdoors for travel and in public.

As far as the race for ownership surrounding one of today’s hottest pieces of technology, Soibatian says there’s “not really any concern as far as infringing on their specific patent.”

via: CNN iReport

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