VICE tests the ‘MonoRover R2’ — here is what they found

The long list of rappers-gone-riders includes Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Meek Mill, Chris Brown, Swizz Beats and A$AP Ferg. But after Wiz Khalifa’s incident at LAX last week, the technology became officially unavoidable for VICE, who decided it was time to test it out for themselves.

VICE author Drew Millard recalls seeing Wiz Khalifa live in concert earlier this month, riding the same self-balancing scooter on stage, so he wasn’t surprised to see the rapper express his love for his board. Millard spent the day on a ‘MonoRover R2’ to see if the new mode of transportation would have the same effect on himself. Here’s what he found:

Nobody knows what to call them

“Little rolly fuckers” is the first way the VICE author described the ridables, before going on to reference other strange references he’s heard of; “the thing like a Segway with no handlebars,” “rap scooters,” “airgliders,” “skywalkers.”

It feels awkward, but becomes intuitive 

“The problem with my MonoRover was getting on it,” Millard points out, explaining to process of stepping foot-by-foot and becoming situated before the board senses that you’re attempting direction. After the first 20 minutes, which he described as awkward, Millard says “using the MonoRover was a dream.”

You can use it for more than travel

Spending most of his day on the SmartS1, Millard didn’t bother jumping off for his daily routines — whether standing at his work desk or at the urinal, he says keeping balance on his board was “a lot easier than you’d think.”

The ‘MonoRover R2’ looks out for your safety

After quickly declaring he may have found an alternative to walking for good, Millard rebuts any potential concerns your average pedestrian might have. The first is safety, and he commends the ‘MonoRover R2’ for its ability to signal awareness when a rider is approaching excessive speed.

The public reactions are hilarious

“While MonoRoving to the laundromat one night, some guy yelled out of his car at me, ‘Hey, what do they call that thing? A cocksucker?'”

via: VICE


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