Watch Airboards make for a futuristic dance routine on MTV’s ‘America’s Best Dance Crew’

Battling for the title of America’s Best Dance Crew in the 8th season of MTV’s dance competition of the same name, one team took “Airboards” to the stage for a floating, futuristic routine. The airboard is one branded name given to the self-balancing SmartS1 by a company out of the UK called AirWheel.

Team I.aM.mE took the creative approach this week, standing out and quite literally hovering above the remaining final four. The crew replaced feet with Airboards to execute a ghost0style performance, hopping off to land tricks or flips.

As smooth as the Airboard dance routine may have appeared on television, judge Frankie Grande instantly pointed out pulling this off is far from effortless and noting the use of core and discipline as similar to traditional dancing. Judge T-Pain was even more impressed, calling the routine “black magic.”

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